NJ Logging Services

Logging and Salvage Recycling

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Middle Valley Lumber’s log sourcing is very conservatively toned but equipped to process a lot of material. MVL is capable of larger scale operations which usually contract through storm damage, hurricane cleanup, and timber salvage alongside other land clearing companies. In general MVL focuses on quality, not quantity preferring to deal rare and uncommon materials.

Timber Purchasing

Middle Valley Lumber purchases timber from land owners with the right grade of timber which is ready to be harvested. Payment rates vary greatly from site to site according to many variable such as location, terrain, access, and land type. If you have timber you are interested in selling please contact us. Middle Valley Lumber does purchase specialty logs from outside sources. MVL is always seeking rare and unusual material. We are currently seeking extra large Black Walnut logs and Burls. If have material you would like to sell please contact us.

Species Middle Valley Lumber markets:

-Red Oak – White Oak – Poplar – Black Walnut – Black Cherry – Black Locust – White Ash – Eastern Red Cedar-

Selective Harvesting

Middle Valley Lumber can selectively harvest woodlots, generally in coordination with a forester. Great care is taken to have low impact and keep the woodlot producing high quality timber for generations to come. Selective Harvesting can be on a bulk scale on larger properties, or just for a few select trees or rarity for specialty markets, this varies from property to property and client to client.

Pole Woods

Middle Valley Lumber harvests bark on small logs called “Poles” which are custom cut directly from woodlots for custom orders sorted out by diameter and length generally from Eastern Red Cedar or Black Locust. Larger Pine poles and Northern White Cedar are also available. Custom orders are generally for rustic outdoor structures such as fencing, arbors, pergolas, and trellises, but larger orders for hop yards and vineyards are common for MVL to process

Timber Stand Improvement (TSI)

Middle Valley Lumber can perform TSI generally in coordination with a forester for invasive control, vine control, undergrowth control, thinning, or other tasks to improve the state of a woodlot to ensure it will eventually produce quality timber and stay a healthy woodlot.

Storm Damage and Hurricane Cleanup

In recent years several bad ice storms and hurricanes hit our area laying out excessive tree damage everywhere. Middle Valley Lumber specializes this type of logging while putting in a huge effort to maintain timber value to devastated property owners.

Reclaimed Woods

Middle Valley Lumber specializes in salvaging antique woods from barns and old buildings that are falling apart. MVL has an inventory of reclaimed beams ready to be resawn to custom specifications and also sawn dimensional stock. MVL very commonly denails and resaws other clients reclaimed wood as custom sawmilling.